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Cpukiller3 – Slow Down Your CPU While other applications focus on making your computer run faster, Cpukiller3 focuses on slowing it down. Why would you want to do that? For the simple reason that older applications were not developed with fast, modern processors in mind. So to run an old application or an old game on your powerful new PC, it may be necessary to slow down your PC. A simple slider allows you to slow it down from 1% up to 99%. Cpukiller3 has been tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003, 2008, and 2012. To install the application on a PC powered by any of these Windows editions, you will have to go through a simple setup procedure: download a small archive (less than 1MB in size), extract and run the setup executable inside the archive, click through the instructions presented by the setup wizard. At the top of the application’s interface there’s a Slow Down Factor panel that shows how much the processor will be slowed down. You can do that, choose how much to slow it down, by using the slider underneath. On the right hand side there’s a panel that presents a CPU Usage Graph and CPU Details. Hidden out of sight is the Launchbox – click the arrow from the right hand corner to show the Launchbox. Right click within the Launchbox to add a new preset – presets are links to applications. After you add presets, you can easily launch applications from the Launchbox. Using Cpukiller3 is an incredibly straightforward matter. Using the aforementioned slider you can choose by how much you want to slow down your CPU. You can choose to slow it down by as much as 99% or by as little as 5%. After you select the slowdown factor, hit the Start button and Cpukiller3 will go to work. It will slow down your PC in accordance with the factor you selected. Please note that Cpukiller3 is only free to try. The trial comes with a 20-min per session limitation. This means that you’re limited to using Cpukiller3 for 20 minutes per session. Easily slow down your CPU and play old games or run old applications. Cpukiller3 conveniently offers this functionality to Windows users. Pros Cpukiller3 was tested on multiple Windows editions. Installing Cpukiller3 on a Windows PC is a simple matter. There’s nothing complicated about the interface. Use a slider to choose the slowdown factor. There’s a handy Launchbox that allows you to easily add presets. Cons Trial limitation: 20 minutes per session.
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CPUKiller! is a small program that can slow down your CPU by up to 98 percent. The main controls on this simple but very effective program are a slider bar to set the slow-down percentage and a Start/Stop button. The effect is dramatic and immediate when either starting the slowdown or stopping it. You can use CPUKiller! to build a list of programs you want to use it in conjunction with. You can set the slowdown percentage individually for each addition to the list. Just double-click an entry to slow down your CPU and launch the program. If you're having trouble running some old DOS games on your new Pentium computer, give CPUKiller! a look. This trial version runs for only 20 minutes per session; you'll need to restart the program after each session times out.
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CPUKILLER is a program for slowing down your computer in able to use your older programs and games. If you are getting errors like "runtime error", "overflow error" and so on or if the program or game runs so fast you cannot see what is going on then mostly like it is was designed to run on the older slower machines. If you miss using those older programs and games then CPUKILLER is for you. CPUKILLER can slow down your computer up to 98%. You can create lists of programs you want to run in conjunction with CPUKILLER and use the slider control to set how much you want to slow your computer down. You can choose how long to delay before starting CPUKILLER, you can have CPUKILLER minimize or close after the program is started, you can have call it in batch files or have it call batch files, you can set the slow down percentage individually for each item on the list.

Really a great program if you need to slow your computer down. The shareware version times out every 20 minutes so you have to restart it. Registering eliminates the time out, gets you email support, and gives you free updates on new versions.

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CPUKiller slows down your computer so that older games run properly.

CPUKiller is useful if you are running older games, simulators, and other programs that run too quickly on your current PC. CPUKiller has a slider for setting the slow down factor, and a benchmarking option for tuning the speed of your PC.

This latest release offers an improved algorithm for slowing down CPUs. It is more configurable, offers command line support, and includes a new benchmarking utility to tune CPUKiller to your CPU.

http://www.volftp.tin.itSmall 32 bit program that can slow down your CPU up to 98% , the percentage of slowing down is programmable . The program have been developed to allow the utilization of old programs , simulators where the execution is difficult due to the speed of the newer CPU's, the program have been tested and run fine under Windows 95 ,Windows 95b , Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0.

Description: CPUKiller can slow down the speed of your CPU by up to 98 percent. Useful for running older Windows and DOS-based programs and games, it allows you to create a customized profile of the programs you wish to run, set the slow-down percentage for each entry, and launch the program by simply clicking its entry listing. This trial version runs for 20 minutes per session.


A program than can slow down your CPU. The amount of slowing down is programmable. It is very usefull if you have old games, simulators and other programs that have became too fast when you have upgraded your CPU. | online downloads | torrent photo | mp3 listen
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