The Official Microsoft Teams App for Linux Is Being Retired

The retirement of the official Microsoft Teams desktop client for Linux, announced recently, has generated significant discourse within the Linux community. This shift to a new progressive web app (PWA) format, while promising improved features and user experience, also brings concerns regarding its reliance on Electron and potential browser compatibility issues. As Microsoft outlines the migration process, Linux users are preparing for possible disruptions in their workflow. The implications of this change on user adaptability and the broader Linux ecosystem remain to be seen, raising questions about the future landscape of productivity tools on open-source platforms.

Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft Teams desktop client for Linux retiring in early December.
  • Users must switch to the new progressive web app (PWA) for Teams.
  • Full PWA experience is optimized for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.
  • The PWA offers new features like background effects, reactions, and gallery view.
  • Microsoft will provide detailed guidance to ensure a smooth transition.

Microsoft Teams App Retirement

The upcoming retirement of the Microsoft Teams desktop client for Linux, scheduled for early December, marks a significant change in how Linux users will access the platform. Users will need to switch to a new progressive web app (PWA) to maintain their access.

This shift presents challenges, particularly with regard to browser compatibility. Specifically, the full PWA experience will only be available on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, potentially limiting options for users who prefer other browsers.

As Linux users adjust to this modification, ensuring seamless integration and minimal disruption will be crucial. Microsoft is expected to provide detailed guidance on this adjustment, aiming to mitigate any issues related to browser compatibility and user adaptation.

Features of the New PWA

Introducing an array of features, the new Microsoft Teams progressive web app (PWA) for Linux promises enhancements such as background effects, reactions, and gallery view. These additions greatly elevate the advanced functionality and user experience improvements for Linux users.

The PWA aims to provide a rich feature set compared to the retiring desktop app, ensuring a smooth shift. Microsoft is investing in the development of this PWA to bring extensive Microsoft Teams capabilities to the Linux platform.

Importantly, the full PWA experience will be optimized for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome on Linux, ensuring strong performance and accessibility. This strategic move underscores Microsoft’s commitment to delivering an excellent user experience and modernizing their software offerings for Linux users.

User Reactions

Linux users have expressed a range of reactions to the announcement of the Microsoft Teams desktop client retirement and the shift to the new progressive web app (PWA).

Community feedback reveals mixed responses, with some users viewing the change as a positive evolution that will bring enhanced features and a richer experience. Others are concerned about potential limitations, especially given the current desktop client’s reliance on Electron, which had its own set of issues.

The community is keenly awaiting additional details and instructions from Microsoft on how to navigate this shift seamlessly. Overall, the feedback underscores a blend of optimism and apprehension as users prepare for the impending move to the PWA.

Microsoft’s Commitment

Microsoft has assured continued support for its Linux user base through the development and implementation of the new Teams progressive web app (PWA). By reallocating development resources towards creating this PWA, Microsoft aims to provide a feature-rich alternative to the retiring desktop client.

The PWA will cater to the needs of all current Microsoft Teams users on Linux, ensuring that essential functionalities are maintained and enhanced. Additionally, Microsoft is committed to offering robust user support to facilitate a smooth shift. This approach underscores Microsoft’s dedication to investing in the Linux ecosystem while optimizing resource allocation to deliver an improved user experience.

Guidance on installing and utilizing the Teams PWA will be provided closer to the release date.

Impact on Linux Users

The shift to the Microsoft Teams progressive web app (PWA) may have a significant impact on users who depend on the current desktop client. This change could lead to adjustments in their workflow and application usage. Adjustment challenges are expected as users adapt to the new interface and feature set.

Additionally, browser compatibility could pose issues. The full PWA experience is limited to Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome on Linux. This limitation means that users may need to switch browsers or modify their configurations to guarantee full functionality.

While the PWA promises enhanced features and a richer user experience, the adaptation period will likely require significant changes for the Linux community. Microsoft’s guidance and support will be vital during this phase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will This Change Affect Microsoft Teams Performance on Older Linux Machines?

The switch to a Progressive Web App (PWA) may enhance Linux compatibility and performance optimization for Microsoft Teams, though older Linux machines could encounter challenges with resource-intensive features, requiring careful browser and hardware consideration for peak performance.

Will the PWA Support Offline Access for Linux Users?

The Progressive Web App for Microsoft Teams will astonishingly not support offline functionality for Linux users initially. This limitation highlights the evolving nature of PWAs, emphasizing the need for continuous connectivity to access full features.

Are There Any Security Concerns With Using the Microsoft Teams Pwa?

The Microsoft Teams PWA for Linux will incorporate strong security updates and data encryption to safeguard user safety. However, as with any web application, users should remain vigilant about potential browser-specific vulnerabilities and regularly update their browsers.

Can the PWA Be Used on Other Browsers Besides Edge and Chrome?

Can the Microsoft Teams PWA be used on browsers other than Edge and Chrome? Currently, the full PWA experience is supported only on Edge and Chrome, limiting browser compatibility. Alternative solutions may be explored for broader support in the future.

What Are the Minimum System Requirements for Running the New Pwa?

To operate the new Microsoft Teams PWA, make sure to perform a compatibility check with Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers. The installation guide will provide detailed steps, but a modern Linux distribution and up-to-date browser versions are essential.


The shift from the official Microsoft Teams desktop client for Linux to the new progressive web app represents a groundbreaking change, akin to exploring uncharted waters.

With promises of enhanced features and an improved user experience, the change has elicited a spectrum of responses within the Linux community.

This evolution underscores Microsoft’s commitment to innovation while highlighting potential challenges in workflow adaptation and browser compatibility, marking a significant juncture in the landscape of Linux-based communication tools.

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