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What's new in Cpukiller3:

  • The whole program has been completely rewrited.
  • Completely new, more accurate, multithreaded slow down alghoritm.
  • Hyperthreading/Multiprocessor support
  • RealTime Cpus monitoring (you can monitor processor usage for all installed cpus).
  • New launchbox with cool graphics
  • Automatic link generator to create shortcuts to the configured presets.
  • HotKey Support (you can start/stop/increase/decrease slow down routine and also lauch presets from launchbox)
  • New cpu identification algorithm
  • OSD support
  • New graphics and animated traybar
  • 1.05: Due to popular demand: ability to choose beetween the new slow down algorithm and the old one
  • 1.07: Support for new multicore processors and windows 7/8/2008/2012
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